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About us
We have worked for more than 3 years and offer the whole specter of services to help with the opening companies in Ukraine. That ranges from the registration of an entity and the office rent to recruitment and research of the partners.

We believe that it is cheaper to use the existent experience of others than to do everything on your own. We are interested in creating new working places in Ukraine. That is why we are ready to share our knowledge and experience to help you open the office in our country.

Our team of professionals will help you to open the new market and opportunities, by saving your precious time and minimizing expenses.

Valentyn Suhorukov, CEO

Services and prices

Office rent
We find the appropriate location and real estate for your business. Offices, warehouses, workshops, studios, and land.

Price: from 0 to 50% of monthly rent price, is paid once

Personnel research
We do know Ukrainian mentality well and are able to find the most effective employees with a high level of English or German languages.

Price: monthly salary of an employee, is paid once

Contractors research
We will find reliable contractors, service partners and other professionals that you might need.

Price: depends on the request

Interpreter accompanying
An experienced interpreter will help you to understand your partners during negotiations.

Price: 20 euros per hour

Accounting and tax advice
We offer: processing of the current financial accounting; participation in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports; accounting the accounts of contactors and customers; proceeding payments in the country and abroad; and much more.

Price: in relation to the volume of work

Legal advice
We help you register entity and support you in other legal questions you might have.

Price: registration of entity – 300 euros, consultation – 30 euros per hour

Why us?
Full variety of services
We will not only open your business in Ukraine on a turn-key basis, but also support it in the future
Understanding the market
We know how the market works and what the people in Ukraine are like, so we have some real insights and experience compared to European companies
There is a 1 to 3-month-period from the first contact with us to the first working day of your office in Ukraine
For the past 3 years we helped more than 50 European companies to open their offices in Ukraine
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